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Shengsheng International Music and Shengqiang International Brokerage Co., Ltd. are Singapore-based international music investment media organizations in mainland China. They integrate music production and distribution, film production and distribution, artist agency, planning packaging, concerts, public relations activities, advertising, and new media. , Entertainment marketing, education and training, large-scale project creative planning and operation in one entertainment media company.


2 recording studio

The recording studio provides: vocal recording, single instrument recording, small chorus recording, simultaneous band recording, chorus recording, string recording, percussion recording, folk band recording, band rehearsal and other services. Equipped with the most advanced Apple computer operating system and digital audio Workstation ProTools 10 HD3 recording system two sets, the industry's most professional and most widely used audio processing workstation.


3 Packaging Promotion

Shengsheng International has a wealth of entertainment content resources such as music, film and television, and has long-term cooperation with wireless operators, wired Internet and other channels.


4 Undertake business cooperation

Specialized in event planning, corporate annual meetings, business meetings, conferences, cultural performances, planning and implementation of large-scale cultural events, etiquette and cultural exchanges at home and abroad, holding large-scale theme evenings, celebrations, summit forums, etc. Just for your satisfaction!

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Shengsheng International Music, Shengqiang International Brokerage is Shengsheng International Music is a subsidiary of Shanghai Shengsheng Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. Singapore Mingsheng International Music invested in a media organization in mainland China, specializing in music production, video production, artist planning and packaging, large-scale project creative planning and operation.
Mr. Li Yi is the regional director of Asia and went to Singapore to start a business in the early 1990s. Established two brands, "Leemusic-Sound International Music, Shengqiang International Brokerage Company", has produced countless TV programs and commercial music of Singapore National Television, and has often appeared in various programs, becoming Singapore's well-known musicians. In collaboration with the well-known Singaporean director Liang Zhiqiang, he created Singapore's first film with the highest box office record, "Insufficient Money". So far, he has continuously composed Liang's twelve film music and some theme songs and ending songs. Among them, the 2004 film "Run, Child" is the first time in 40 years that Singapore has won the 40th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards and the Japan Tokyo Film Festival, Hong Kong Film Festival, Moscow Film Festival, Yugoslav Film Festival and many other awards. The first person in Chinese movie music. In the popularization and promotion of various art schools and community music, he has created more than ten musicals and children's stage plays, and has been a permanent judge of Singapore Television's major singing competitions. So far, it is also the only original Chinese music creator who entered Singapore's mainstream music circle. After that, Li Yi and his team returned to China to invest in the construction of the motherland. In 2007, he created the large-scale dance drama Broadway China's first show "Dream Yunnan". In 2008, he created a large-scale public welfare song "Because of You" cctv recorded hundreds of singers mv, and Shengsheng International Music Brand was born. It will make its appearance in the Chinese music industry and dedicate the best works to our dear motherland. In 2009, he wrote and produced a large number of excellent songs, such as Yan Weiwen's "Healthy China", Wang Zhengzheng's "Standing on the Waves", Wang Qingshuang's "Companionship of Happiness", "National Brothers", Yang Ziping, "Happiness for a Long Time", Long Meizi's "Keep on" Christine and Yan Fei's "Looking Up at the Starry Sky" and Various Stars "Hundred Good Filial Piety First" and other works. Created and produced four discs of the first season of the China Life Insurance Car fever album "Precious Life", and Gong Xunxi's solo album "Da Fu Xing" and the release of the Chinese New Year gift pack "Fu" music gift box four discs. In early 2010, he undertook the creation and production of the large-scale music and dance poem "Towards the Sea". In 2012, he cooperated with China Good Voice to record in Beijing.

  • 美天下国韵巨星盛典空降合肥
    On May 16, Hefei, Anhui, Wang Lihong, Lin Junjie, Luo Zhixiang, Ai Fei, Chopsticks Brothers, Wu Mochou, and BY2 gathered on the stage to sing songs that everyone knows well, a sea of joy, one The birth of Xiang World Record presents a fashionable and magnificent music festival with gorgeous stage changes, fashionable lighting and laser shows. Hefei Olympic Sports Center, we are here! [detailed]
  • 东方风云榜年度最佳新人奖
    The Oriental Newcomer's Best Newcomer of the Year Awards At the just-concluded 2015 Annual Oriental Newcomer 's annual event, Queen Effie sang and won the Best Newcomer of the Year award.

    As the longest-established and most influential original music platform in the country, the Oriental Chart, especially the annual awards ceremony, has been an important vane for the popularity index of the Chinese music scene for more than 20 years. The singers who enter the festival every year are also star-studded. This year, Effie and Zhang Jie, Zhou Bichang, Hua Chenyu, TFBOYS, Huo Zun, Yang Kun, Ping An, Shang Wenjie, Zhang Bichen, Cao Ge and other nearly 20 groups of artists formed a super star lineup.

    In addition to participating in the live performances of the Oriental Storm, Effie also experienced a "wheel battle" specially set for big names-red carpet show, host interviews, live radio interaction, etc., all highlighting the charm of special. It is worth mentioning that, along with Effie on the red carpet and interviewed, Effie's classmate, Yi Pan, the top four student of the second "Voice of China Dream". Effie can already carry the epigenetic, and his ability and popularity are evident.

    The awards ceremony of "2015 Oriental Celebrity List" premiered on March 30, and was broadcast in turn through SMG channels and video websites. [detailed]
  • 艾菲:爱心天使的“XUE循环”时尚之行
    Effie: Love Angel's "XUE Cycle" Fashion Tour Effie: Love Angel's "XUE Cycle" Fashion Tour

    2015-04-09 Effie

    Not long ago, through the brand-new MV "Sari Abba", a wave of wild style was set off in the pop music scene. In the face of the invitation of Shanghai Fashion Week, Effie went "vegan" into battle with a pure and stunning white dress. Airborne BANXIAOXUE fashion show. The face-to-face collision between "the queen of the stage" and "the goddess of design" made the popularity of the two fashionable women instantly.

    Although the high-fashioned sing-and-jump skills often branded Effie a dynamic business card, it cannot be ignored that the other side of the stage queen is a gentle loving angel-she is responsible for caring for congenital heart disease. Children's love ambassador, the theme of Effie's debut album "Angel" was passed to countless people with positive energy. Effie said: "Variety, it's not just image."

    As a new leader in the Chinese fashion industry, the "BANXIAOXUE" brand, named after its own name, will attract the attention of celebrities from all walks of life. Judging from the press conference of Shanghai Fashion Week this year, the star lineup almost includes the most shining stars in the Chinese draft industry in recent years: Wu Mochou, Huo Zun, Bi Xia ...

    For Effie, attending the Ban Xiaoxue fashion show, in addition to attracting the eye with a first-class appearance, the integration of new fashion ideas is the most important factor in her invitation. This is a trendy masterpiece with the theme of "fetish" and "environmental protection". Effie's love ambassador, under the background of simple and fresh shapes, perfectly interprets the design concept of "BANXIAOXUE" this season.

    Through the reports of the major first-line media in the country, we fully enjoyed the amazing performance of Effie in Shanghai Fashion Week this year. The fashion trip of this loving angel must be beautiful. [detailed]
  • 艺人经纪
    Artist agent Yier Pan is invited to the 2015 CCTV Lantern Festival new album will be released soon

    Netease Entertainment reported on March 5 that CCTV's Spring Festival Gala has always been a stage sought after by many newcomers in the entertainment industry. Although star students have appeared in various national contests in recent years, it is not uncommon for them to reach the annual stage of CCTV. What the artist dreams of, but Yi Pan is one of the "lucky people" who successfully participated in the party in 2015.

    It is reported that Yi Pan, who is good at singing and dancing and is good at music creation, has stood out in many draft programs with his unique performance talent and sunny and handsome style. He was also invited to participate in the recording of the "2015 CCTV Lantern Festival Evening" program, so that he finally realized his dream of always looking forward to one day on the CCTV stage to perform for the national audience, and at the same time proved his development potential.

    It is understood that this evening recording was an accidental opportunity that was discovered and excavated by the CCTV director. It is understood that during the performing arts journey, Yi Pan has always been placed by many people who support him to care for her. At the beginning of spring, Heng Various invitations have been made throughout the year. According to the staff of Yipan Agency (Shengqiang International Music), at present, an internationally-produced production team invited by the agency is making an album and mv tailored for it, and the release of the new album is on its way. In what way will the "Funny Kid" music album of the Chinese music scene be presented to everyone? We are looking forward to [detailed]
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